London and Cyprus Homes

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Cyprus property inspection trip

Beware the free viewing trip to Northern Cyprus; You will be met at Ercan Airport by the estate agent, who placed the advertisement to which you responded, and escorted to one of the fine hotels in Kyrenia. If it is anything less than the magnificent Colony Hotel and Casino right by the stunning Venetian Kyrenia Harbour your trip is being done on the cheap.

After dinner with the agent, you will get to bed having had arrangements made for an early morning pick up by the agent to show you the Luxury Villas and Apartments, and some not so luxurious but cheap, that the agent has listed for sale. It is not that you will be prevented from viewing any other property but simply that the agent who regards you as HIS property will see to it that you have not the time to see any other properties. Your agent will stick to you like a leach in the hope that before you fly home, after what is usually a whirlwind three day tour of a few North Cyprus Properties you will allow the agent to take you to their attorney to sign up and commit yourself to buying.

Only on the flight back you will have time to think; what have I seen, what do I know about Northern Cyprus? Here are the best tips you will ever get about property viewing in Northern Cyprus or anywhere else for that matter. 

Pack a pair of walking shoes if you like that sort of thing and a pair of binoculars whether you are into that or not. Book yourself at least a seven day package trip to Northern Cyprus which includes flight and hotel accommodation; it won't be the Colony but that doesn't matter because you are going to have something much more valuable; freedom. Freedom to enjoy the sights of Northern Cyprus, freedom to wander round all the estate agents and developers, freedom to have a swim, play golf, visit historic sites and so on, none of which you will be allowed to do on that three day free viewing trip. Free of cost means not being free to do as you please.

On a seven day trip you can afford to spend two days viewing those properties you wish to view. If you do some preparation on the internet you will achieve much more than you would have done with that clutching agent in the same two days which is all that a three day trip allows anyway. See what you want to see first, do not commit, no property disappears in the blink of an eye in spite of the agents assurance that people are queuing up for that particular one that you liked. Before you can commit; you are going to have a ball and get to know Northern Cyprus, the best value for money anywhere in the Med.

On day three become a sightseer; explore the magnificent Cyprus sandy beaches along the coast line from east of Kyrenia, have a swim, look at the turtles. On the way back you want to visit Bellapais Abbey and stroll around the little village that featured in the book Bitter Lemons. Get back to Kyrenia in time to have dinner and gamble in one of the many Casinos if you are into that.

Day four: Take a half day boat trip from Kyrenia Harbour, only take a half day trip because in the cooler afternoon you will head for Nicosia and turn right at the sign pointing to Hilarion. I told you to pack a pair of binoculars. St Hilarion Castle supposedly inspired Walt Disney's Magic Castle? Don't leave the area before sunset which is something to be seen from this vantage point. While waiting look through the binoculars at Kyrenia spread out below, don't drive back the way you came up just carry on the same road and eat at one of the restaurants just before you re-enter Kyrenia but still high up.

Day five: head out east again drop in at the Korineum Golf and Country Club for a coffee, don't stop too long. Further along the road turn south into the mountain range. I told you to bring walking boots; this is your chance, quaint villages, deep ravines, the smell of pine trees and silence; a place where one dreams and looks to the sky.

Day six is really your last day because tomorrow you fly home. You could go shopping in Kyrenia where you can get exquisite hand made knick knacks, magic wooden boxes or nip up to the village of Edremit where there is a London and Cyprus development of Luxury Apartments; Melissa's Place, and see the basket shop on the way up.

There is still time to head for Nicosia and see just how easy it is to shop in the south at M&S or Ikea and have a coffee at Starbucks.

Time to go home and so far you have only had a taste of Northern Cyprus but you will be back, there's a lot more to see and do, everybody returns.